As of February 2024, Reports are only available for projects on ART and Team level. We’re continuously working on providing Reports for Solution Train and Portfolio projects as well. Feel free to reach out to discuss your requirements and ideas via

Agile Hive provides Reports that contain all relevant information to units on any SAFe® level. Depending on the level a project is configured for in your organization, Agile Hive will offer a dedicated set of Report widgets tailored to the specific project needs.

You can access Reports by navigating to any project within Agile Hive via the left-hand sidebar. Reports are configured to be the landing page for any project in Agile Hive.

Report Structure


All Reports for projects on any SAFe® layer are organized the same to make it easy for users to find their way around. Each Report basically consists of four sections:

  1. General project information

  2. Member overview

  3. Date / PI selector

  4. Report widgets

General Project Information

This section displays the most important information on the project you’re currently in, e.g., Project name, SAFe® layer, and the current PI and Iteration.

Member Overview

This section displays an overview of the member working in this project. Members as well as their respective roles can be configured by Agile Hive Administrators.

Clicking on a colleagues avatar will open the user profile in a new browser tab.

Date / PI Selector

Use the Date / PI selection picker on the right-hand side to set the time period you want to display project reports for. This user interface element works differently for projects on various SAFe® levels:

  • Portfolio: Select a Start Date and End Date using a Date Range Picker.

  • Solution Train / ART / Team: Select a PI from the dropdown list.

Report Widgets

Agile Hive Reports provide dedicated Report widgets based on the SAFe® layer of the project you’re currently in. You can find a detailed documentation on Reports available for each layer on the pages referenced below: