Jira Administration


Agile Hive provides a set of predefined Jira Issue Types, Custom Fields, Screens, as well as various Schemes in order to get you started with the app as quickly and conveniently as possible.

While most of the built-in entities are optional to use, some of them are required for specific functionality of the app to work properly.


Make sure you’re logged in with a Jira user holding at least Jira Administrator permission.

First Steps for Jira Administrators

In the sections below you can find information on the initial setup of Agile Hive.

The Configuration Checklist

To support you with the initial setup of Agile Hive we have prepared a checklist that guides you through the first steps with the app.


You can easily access it by navigating to the ‘Apps’ section of global Jira Administration:


Select ‘Agile Hive Administration’ from the left hand sidebar - you’ve successfully reached your destination!

Step-by-Step Guide for Initial Setup

Work in progress

We’re currently working on providing more information here. Please check back later!

The configuration checklist for Jira Administrators contains a bunch of tasks. While most of them are optional, there still are some of them that at least require your attention once. The list below will help you quickly identify the setup steps you should take a closer look at.

We recommend double-checking the Atlassian user groups configured for the Agile Hive Administrator permission.

You can find more information over at .

It’s fully optional to create and use the built-in Agile Hive Issue Link Types for Dependencies, Objectives, and Risks.

3. Issue Types specific to Agile Hive Optional


4. Issue Type Schemes specific to Agile Hive Optional


5. Statuses specific to Agile Hive Optional


6. Add Agile Hive specific Custom Field Required


7. Workflows specific to Agile Hive Optional


8. Add Agile Hive specific Workflow Schemes Optional


9. Screens Configuration specific to Agile Hive Optional


10. Add Agile Hive specific Screen Schemes Optional


11. Add Agile Hive specific Issue Type Screen Schemes Optional