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General information

As of Oct 5, 2023, Atlassian does not yet provide an automated migration path for Cloud apps built with Atlassian Forge (such as Agile Hive; https://developer.atlassian.com/platform/forge/). Automated migration paths are only available for apps built with Atlassian Connect. For the latest information on automated migration paths for Forge apps please see https://jira.atlassian.com/browse/MIG-771.

Application vendors are required to set up an application migration path distinct from the Cloud Migration Assistant. This applies to any custom data structures associated with a server app that are intended for migration to the Cloud. It's important to note that basic Jira data will be transferred for all apps as part of the overall Jira system migration process.


Scope of migration path for Agile Hive

For Agile Hive Data Center (as well as Agile Hive Server) there are several data structures that cannot be migrated automatically using JCMA (Jira Cloud Migration Assistant) yet. Those include:

  • Project hierarchy

  • Issue Hierarchy Links

  • PI & Iteration information

  • Agile Hive-specific Custom Fields


Current status for Agile Hive

Update Jan 5, 2024

The development team has finished setting up the foundation for migrating Agile Hive Server / DC related data structures to the Cloud counterpart. Since Atlassian currently does not yet provide a direct migration path for Forge apps, we’ve set up a dedicated Agile Hive Migration Connect app in the Cloud with the single purpose to receive data from the Server / DC app using JCMA. This basic setup is currently being tested (both internal and with early access customers) and we’re fixing some issues that came up during the initial migration runs.

In this first iteration of the migration path, we’re focusing on migrating information for Issue Hierarchy Links. In parallel, we’ve already started extending the migration path to handle Agile Hive-specific Custom Field data. We’re currently working on mapping the Custom Field data migrated from Server / DC to the corresponding fields for the Cloud app.


Get support

In case you have individual questions originating from the migration project in your company or need help with an ongoing migration, please feel free to contact us via our service desk.