Migrate to Cloud

General information

As of May 22, 2024, Atlassian does not yet provide an automated migration path for Cloud apps built with Atlassian Forge (such as Agile Hive; https://developer.atlassian.com/platform/forge/). Automated migration paths are only available for apps built with Atlassian Connect. For the latest information on automated migration paths for Forge apps please see https://jira.atlassian.com/browse/MIG-771

Application vendors are required to set up an application migration path distinct from the Cloud Migration Assistant. This applies to any custom data structures associated with a server app that are intended for migration to the Cloud. It's important to note that basic Jira data will be transferred for all apps as part of the overall Jira system migration process.

Scope of migration path for Agile Hive

For Agile Hive Data Center (as well as Agile Hive Server) there are several data structures that cannot be migrated automatically using JCMA (Jira Cloud Migration Assistant) yet. As of May 22, 2024, our custom migration path is able / not able to handle the data structures listed below:

  • Project hierarchy

  • Issue Hierarchy Links

  • PI & Iteration information

  • Agile Hive-specific Custom Fields

For more detailed information, please refer to the sections ‘Current status for Agile Hive’ and ‘Migration Path Roadmap’ right below.

Current status for Agile Hive

Update Jun 10, 2024

The development team has finished setting up the foundation for migrating Agile Hive Server / DC related data structures to the Cloud counterpart. Since Atlassian currently does not yet provide a direct migration path for Forge apps, we’ve set up a dedicated Agile Hive Migration Connect app in the Cloud with the single purpose to receive data from the Server / DC app using JCMA. This basic setup has already been released privately (see for more information on how to request the migration helper app).

With the current version of Agile Hive Cloud Migration Helper (AHCMH) app it is possible to migrate Issue Hierarchy Link information from Agile Hive Server / Data Center to Cloud. AHCMH app will take care of automatically converting existing Server / DC issue links to the new storage format in Cloud and map all issue links to the corresponding Jira issues.

For the upcoming version of AHCMH app, we’ve already started extending the migration path to handle Agile Hive-specific Custom Field data. We’re currently working on preparing our migration infrastructure to handle large sets of data (tens of thousands of issues). After this, we’ll start mapping the Custom Field data migrated from Server / DC to the corresponding fields of the Cloud app.

Migration Path Roadmap

Update Jun 10, 2024

Providing a full migration path that covers all Agile Hive data for large-scale Jira sites is a complex and challenging task. We strive for a high level of quality and reliability for the migration path, so we take a cautious and careful approach to implementation.

Please be aware that the migration plan detailed below is subject to potential adjustments due to the significant levels of uncertainty involved.

Data migration

Handle large-scale data sets

Set up migration helper app

Testing / Improvements

Custom Fields

PIs & Iterations

Project Hierarchy

We’ll keep you updated on our progress in our once a month - You are invited to join us there to discuss the timeline for your company's migration project.

Get support

In case you have individual questions originating from the migration project in your company or need help with an ongoing migration, please feel free to contact us via our service desk.

Also, the pages listed below might help you when actively migrating data from Jira Server / Data Center to a Cloud site: